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Jobrapido API

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Jobrapido API






 Getting Started

Jobrapido platform offers access to job adverts data, via our APIs.


Search API

The Search API designed to allow our partners to query for Jobrapido content. This may include finding a set of job adverts with specific keywords, finding adverts in a specific location, finding adverts referencing a specific company, or finding adverts published by a particular website or published before a date. The API are relative to each country server.



Usage of this API requires permission from Jobrapido's API policy team.

For the HackItaly event we created a temporary account:

Login: hackitaly
Password: h4ck-m3


URL & Paramters

The URL of Jobrapido Search Feed API is localized by the subdomain name of the country. The table of our countries websites:

ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 Name Website
ae United Arab Emirates http://ae.jobrapido.com/
ao Angola http://ao.jobrapido.com/
ar Argentina http://ar.jobrapido.com/
at Österreich http://at.jobrapido.com/
au Australia http://au.jobrapido.com/
be België http://be.jobrapido.com/
br Brasil http://br.jobrapido.com/
ca Canada http://ca.jobrapido.com/
ch Schweiz http://ch.jobrapido.com/
cl Chile http://cl.jobrapido.com/
co Colombia http://co.jobrapido.com/
cn 中国 http://cn.jobrapido.com/
cz Česká Republika http://cz.jobrapido.com/
de Deutschland http://de.jobrapido.com/
dk Danmark http://dk.jobrapido.com/
do República Dominicana http://do.jobrapido.com/
dz Algérie http://dz.jobrapido.com/
ec Ecuador http://ec.jobrapido.com/
es España http://es.jobrapido.com/
fr France http://fr.jobrapido.com/
gt Guatemala http://gt.jobrapido.com/
hk Hong Kong http://hk.jobrapido.com/
hu Magyarország http://hu.jobrapido.com/
id Indonesia http://id.jobrapido.com/
ie Ireland http://ie.jobrapido.com/
in India http://in.jobrapido.com/
it Italia http://it.jobrapido.com/
jp 日本 http://jp.jobrapido.com/
ke Kenya http://ke.jobrapido.com/
kr 한국 http://kr.jobrapido.com/
kw Kuwait http://kw.jobrapido.com/
ma Maroc http://ma.jobrapido.com/
mx México http://mx.jobrapido.com/
my Malaysia http://my.jobrapido.com/
ng Nigeria http://ng.jobrapido.com/
nl Nederland http://nl.jobrapido.com/
nz New Zealand http://nz.jobrapido.com/
pe Perú http://pe.jobrapido.com/
ph Philippines http://ph.jobrapido.com/
pk Pakistan http://pk.jobrapido.com/
pl Polska http://pl.jobrapido.com/
pt Portugal http://pt.jobrapido.com/
qa Qatar http://qa.jobrapido.com/
ro România http://ro.jobrapido.com/
ru Россия http://ru.jobrapido.com/
sa Saudi Arabia http://sa.jobrapido.com/
se Sverige http://se.jobrapido.com/
sg Singapore http://sg.jobrapido.com/
sk Slovenská republika http://sk.jobrapido.com/
th Thailand http://th.jobrapido.com/
tr Türkiye http://tr.jobrapido.com/
tw 台湾 http://tw.jobrapido.com/
ua Украина http://ua.jobrapido.com/
uk United Kingdom http://uk.jobrapido.com/
us United States http://us.jobrapido.com/
uy Uruguay http://uy.jobrapido.com/
ve Venezuela http://ve.jobrapido.com/
za South Africa http://za.jobrapido.com/


Then you can compose your query mixing following parameters:


Parameter Description Example Default


The API subset. Actually we support onlye api.feed api.feed  


The API login. hackitaly  


The API password. h4ck-m3  


A jobtitle marketing manager.  


A location of the country website. Milano Italia (country name)


A company name. Microsoft  


A website publisher address. www.linkedin.com  


The number of search results per result page. 10 20


The number of search result page. 3 1


The job advertise must be published later than this date (forma:yyyymmdd). 20120711 today


The job advertise must be published before this date (forma:yyyymmdd). 20120711  


The format of the response [json/xml] json xml


Only available for JSON format. If supplied, the response will use the JSONP format with a callback of the given name. callbackFunction  


Example Request

Example of a simple request and its XML response.


GET http://it.jobrapido.com/?do=api.feed&login=hackitaly&password=h4ck-m3&w=java&l=milano&n=3
  <searchParameters w="java" l="milano" c="" website="" from="" to="" p="1" n="3"/>
  <searchResults page="1" pageItemsCount="3" hasNextPage="true">
    <searchResult title="Sviluppatore / programmatore java" company="Tecnosphera s.r.l." location="Milano" date="20120712" website="www.tecnosphera.it" url="http://careers.tecnosphera.it/html/people/people_sfoglia_annunci.asp?cmdRS=open&UID=107091615" id="27819306" account=""></searchResult>
    <searchResult title="Sviluppatore java/j2ee senior v2 disabile" company="e-work SpA" location="Milano" date="20120712" website="www.e-work.it" url="http://www.e-work.it/offerta.php?id=14444" id="27818996" account=""></searchResult>
    <searchResult title="Technical Analyst" company="" location="Milano" date="20120712" website="www.krlavoro.it" url="http://www.krlavoro.it/ricerca/view_lavoro.php?Cod=65404" id="27823008" account=""></searchResult>


The same request but in JSON format.


GET http://it.jobrapido.com/?do=api.feed&login=hackitaly&password=h4ck-m3&w=java&l=milano&n=3&format=json
  "searchParameters" : {
  "searchResults" : {
    "results" : [
        "title":"Sviluppatore / programmatore java",
        "company":"Tecnosphera s.r.l.",
        "title":"Sviluppatore java/j2ee senior v2 disabile",
        "company":"e-work SpA",
        "title":"Technical Analyst",



As specified in JQuery documentation (jQuery), if the URL includes the string "callback=myCallback" the request is treated as JSONP instead.


GET http://it.jobrapido.com/?do=api.feed&login=hackitaly&password=h4ck-m3&w=java&l=milano&n=3&format=json&callback=myCallback
  "searchParameters" : {
  "searchResults" : {
    "results" : [

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